Aug. 14th, 2011

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+  Posted about Death Trick over at WordPress.

+  Read an HP/category yesterday that was sort of meh.  But getting to the end and seeing what the author (and publisher) is doing to the couple next really irritates me.  The whole point of the category rom is that it is a discrete story with guaranteed HEA.  Yes, full of ridiculous tropes, but still appreciated for being a known quantity.  Except this one wasn't, and the epilogue/blurb for the "next" book seriously irritated me.  More on that tomorrow, though.

+  I have four new tires.  They were entirely unplanned.  I noticed Friday night that one of my tires looked very low, like it was going flat.  (And one of my neighbors knocked on my door and said something, too.)  But the whole car was just serviced a few weeks ago, including tire rotation, alignment, and pressure/tread checked.  Turns out that during my trip to Nags Head, or maybe just while driving local, a nail became embedded in the tire.  And it was too close to the wall of the tire to repair.  And the others, although there tread was fine, were 7+ years old and beginning to show cracking and dry rot.  I could've done two this month, two next month, but since I'll be driving 1,000 RT in the next few weeks, it seems safer to do them all at once.

+  It rained like crazy yesterday and today; trash cans were blown out of yards and down the street. said up to an inch fell, but it seemed like a whole lot more.


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