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- After three years of successfully resisting being saddled with a crackberry, I lost the fight today.  A BlackBerry Torch was delivered to me at work.  My argument was that in the event of an emergency, the bb was useless -- I could respond to emails but every program needed to do substantive work requires a Citrix secure login.  Alas, I have been overruled.  It's shiny and pretty, and the touch screen is going to be scratched or marred very quickly because it didn't come with a case or any sort of protective covering.  Why?  Who knows.

+ Apparently I *am* hosting dinner on Friday.  I guess that means I should figure out a menu?  Maybe beef stew again, since it turned out well the first time and is pretty simple.  I can pick up the ingredients that afternoon or even on Thursday.

~  First batch of no bake peanut butter bars is done.  Now I need one loaf of banana nut bread, at least two batches of cracker candy, and then one more batch of PB bars.  Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow night and Wednesday evening...

-  Why isn't Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy playing at the Landmark near me?  Do people really still want to see the Bella/Edward trainwreck?  Ten screens and only one movie is playing that I'd be willing to pony up for (The Descendants).

:/  The hospital "informational statement" (not a bill to me yet, but what was sent to the insurance company) arrived for my surgery and hospital stay.  More than $20,500.  For the second iteration; the bill for the first hospital stay was already billed separately.  Holy crap!  Once again, I am thankful for my insurance.
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The new Harris Teeter opened in my neighborhood.  Well, the next neighborhood over, really, Locust Point.  But it's within walking distance and closer than Whole Paycheck. It'll probably replace WP as my grocery budget buster. (Although WP's prepared food section seems better at first glance, HT's produce section is better by far.)

Yesterday I bought stew meat at the butcher stall at Cross Street, but forgot to stop at the vegetable stall, so I walked to HT and bought the veg for stew and then puttered around while it bubbled away on the stove.  Will I ever remember that mixing flour and water for thickener works better than sprinkling flour in directly?  Probably not.  Instead I ended up stirring like crazy to get rid of the lumps.  It was pretty good for a dish I haven't cooked in nearly 20 years.

The cracker candy and peanut butter bars that I planned on making...did not get made.  It'll have to be tomorrow evening, I guess.  All the ingredients are on the shelf, I just felt like I'd used all my interest in domesticity by cleaning out a cabinet and making the beef stew. 

This afternoon I flipped between Star Wars IV: A New Hope and Kissing Jessica Stein and football.  (FWIW, The Empire Strikes Back is on SpikeTV right now.)  I love both movies for very different reasons.  And I was looking for updates on the Packers-Chiefs game.  While I'm sorry the Pack lost, at least all the hype will go away now, leaving them to concentrate on the next couple of games and the post-season.  They play the Bears at Lambeau next week, and I'm expecting lots of trash talk from The Boy Uncle, a die-hard Bears fan.

I've invited Mom, T, bro, and SIL to my house for dinner on the 23rd if that suits.  They are welcome on the 24th, when I originally planned to invite them, but there's a game at 12pm that day, so parking will be horrendous in my neighborhood.  Haven't figured out the menu yet.  Maybe more beef stew with salad, rolls, and some type of dessert?  Must consider.  I'd like to do a turkey breast maybe, but am not sure I can get one from the butcher -- he was going to check and let me know but I haven't heard back yet.  Whatever I cook, mashed potatoes and gravy must be on the menu, otherwise it is not really dinner for T.

Must motivate myself to wrap gifts -- everything that wasn't shipped directly is sitting on a bench in my living room, waiting to be wrapped or bagged appropriately.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, something major, but can't figure out what.  I'll probably remember when it's way too late.
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That sleeping woman?  Could have been me.  I think I was asleep or dozing more often than I was fully awake all weekend.  And it wasn't even a holiday food coma!  The Chemist made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner (smoked turkey breast, duck and salmon, plus sides) but we didn't actually eat THAT much.

The visit to H&A was lovely.  It always is.  We don't have to DO stuff, it's nice to just hang out in the same space and chat and cling.  Which probably entertains A.  We watched a lot of tennis and football, went for a couple of walks around the neighborhood.  Spent an awkward afternoon with dad.  Had sushi at Japaneiro's once and beer (root beer for me) at the Flying Saucer twice.  I would highly recommend the vegetable tempura and the non-alcoholic mojito (made with green tea) at Japaneiro's.  And the Chef's Nirvana, but that pretty much goes without saying, right?  Julio the waiter was awesome -- he clearly knows H&A well, to the point of chasing them down with the left over sashimi he'd boxed for them :)  One of their cats was incredibly smelly because of a diet change; he totally deserved the smelly cat song.

My YAGKYAS fic is plotted and outlined (mostly) but not written.  It needs to be written and beta'd by the 12th at midnight.  BICHOK didn't really work for me this evening -- although my hands have been on the keyboard, they've been busy typing other things.  I <3 procrastination!  

And tomorrow I'm back to work.  I didn't miss it at all.

Also, FYI, I SBD'd over at WordPress about the nonfiction I read over the weekend.

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It has recently come to my attention via @SmartBitches Sarah that there is a certain level of demand for the Nora Roberts Bobblehead, which was produced in limited quantities as a promotional item for the Hagerstown Suns in 2007.  See photohere at SBTB, and my post about the game as provenance for the Bobble-Nora.

Sadly, I have pack rat tendencies -- it's genetic.  And a small house.  So I go through closets and shelves fairly ruthlessly once a year, and keep an open box for Good Will donations year round.  And my Nora Bobblehead recently was considered for donation.  

But in light of the demand for the Nora Bobblehead, and with a desire that she go to a good home (defined as someone who loves romance novels generally and probably Nora Roberts' work particularly), I'd like to give her away.  

So comment here at LiveJournal or at WordPress or Tweet me (@jmc_bks) your favorite Nora Roberts or JD Robb book, or just what you admire or like about Ms. Roberts, and I'll put your name in a drawing for the Bobble-Nora.

The contest will close at midnight Sunday, and the new happy home will be announced on Monday.

Uh, okay?

Aug. 15th, 2011 09:43 pm
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+  Posted over at WordPress for SBD.

+  Bought two Kindle books by Georgette Heyer.  Probably wouldn't have but for the anniversary sale ($1.99 each!).  Otherwise, I can respect her place in the development of the modern genre romance, but have not been impressed by the books I've read.  Regency trads aren't my thing for the most part, Carla Kelly being the notable exception.  And she seems to have left the subgenre behind.

-  Why is Cobra Starship touring with Bieber?  Granted, it's the South American leg of his tour, but still, I didn't realize they had a significant overlap of fans; I though CS's average fan was several years older.  Eh, whatever sells tickets, I guess.

-  Dear IT peeps: saying that I'm the SysAdmin for that system?  Fine.  But as a practical matter, I am only acting/holding the position until a new higher up is hired.  I have NO IDEA how to do what you want.  When I asked the retired person who used to do it, she said that task was explicitly given to IT.  I'm sorry the person responsible is on vacation in Montana during your critical testing period, but that doesn't make me any more able to do what you want.  No love, me.

~  Looking at the line up of authors who'll be attending the National Book Festival next month, there are very few (3 or 4) that I might be willing to wait in long lines to meet or have autograph books.  And genre fiction is extremely poorly represented, as usual.

~  The BIA essentially said last week that aliens in custody don't have to get the immigration equivalent of Miranda. not sure what I think about this.  And while I'm probably conflating a lot of things, I'm curious about how this works in conjunction with Padilla.

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+  Posted about Death Trick over at WordPress.

+  Read an HP/category yesterday that was sort of meh.  But getting to the end and seeing what the author (and publisher) is doing to the couple next really irritates me.  The whole point of the category rom is that it is a discrete story with guaranteed HEA.  Yes, full of ridiculous tropes, but still appreciated for being a known quantity.  Except this one wasn't, and the epilogue/blurb for the "next" book seriously irritated me.  More on that tomorrow, though.

+  I have four new tires.  They were entirely unplanned.  I noticed Friday night that one of my tires looked very low, like it was going flat.  (And one of my neighbors knocked on my door and said something, too.)  But the whole car was just serviced a few weeks ago, including tire rotation, alignment, and pressure/tread checked.  Turns out that during my trip to Nags Head, or maybe just while driving local, a nail became embedded in the tire.  And it was too close to the wall of the tire to repair.  And the others, although there tread was fine, were 7+ years old and beginning to show cracking and dry rot.  I could've done two this month, two next month, but since I'll be driving 1,000 RT in the next few weeks, it seems safer to do them all at once.

+  It rained like crazy yesterday and today; trash cans were blown out of yards and down the street. said up to an inch fell, but it seemed like a whole lot more.

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 Originally posted here.

+ Went to the Outer Banks for the first time, just for a few days, Thursday – Saturday. Some friends from work who go annually invited me to stay with them in Nags Head. Took the scenic route (301 to 17) rather than 95/64, which was what Google Maps kept trying to make me drive. The scenic route probably added a half hour to the trip, but the landscape was gorgeous and the road was empty for the most part. The house had four bedrooms, plenty of space. Enjoyed the beach in the morning, followed by a walk to Sonic for Cherry-Limeade, then lunch at the house and playing in the pool all the afternoon. On Friday, the wind was up and the surf was high; right in front of us, a guy was knocked over and out by the waves. It took five people to drag him to shore, and he didn’t regain consciousness before the EMTs arrived and strapped him to a back board and took off for the hospital. It didn’t look like he was breathing at first. I hope he’s okay. Other than that, I enjoyed the trip and the company, and would absolutely go back.

+ Went to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic today to see the singles and doubles final. The doubles team I was rooting for (Michael Llodra and Nenad Zimonjic) came back to force a tie break in the second set and then won the match in a super tie break \o/. On the singles front, I didn’t really care who won. Radek Stepanek is kind of a spoiler, I think — he hangs around and surprises people. And Gael Monfils (#1 seed) is kind of flaky — he’s got loads of talent but you never know who’ll show up, the serious player or the circus clown who’s more interested in trick shots and acrobatics than the game. I bailed during the (first?) rain delay, when Stepanek was up 4-2; I’d been out in the sun and heat for 4+ hours and was feeling dizzy and disoriented despite drinking 2 liters of water during that period, needed shade and AC.

+ Have not read much in the last week. Just “Prove It” by Chris Owen, which I’ll probably blog about tomorrow for SBD.

+ Do I need to see Patrick Stump next week? I want to, but is it necessary?

+ I’ve gotten my assignment for the fandom fic exchange I signed up for. The prompt belongs to the person whose fan fiction sets the bar for my OTP, so I’m feeling somewhat intimidated.

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-  Red velvet cake is excellent.  But a special edition red velvet cake ice cream?  Eh, not so much.  I should stick to regular flavors like chocolate and vanilla, because the special edition stuff (except for maybe the Edy's Thin Mint chocolate ice cream) is less than satisfactory.

+  The BioChemist sent me a link to these and I was supposed to discourage her from buying them.  And now I've bought a pair.  Self-control, I have none.
-  The cold/whatever that began nearly two weeks ago had nearly died out, but has flared up again and moved from my nose to my throat.  Fortunately the fever only came back for a day or so over the holiday weekend, when I could easily take long naps.

+  Happy birthday wishes, early, to [ profile] why_me_why_not !  Have fun at the Panic! show! 

~  The Nadal/Murray match is tomorrow at 8am EST.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get much done as I try to listen to it and do work that keeps me in the office rather than out and about.
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+  Green Day's "Awesome as ****" live album lives up to the title and is awesome as....  I've got the new Soundgarden and Panic! albums to listen to, too, now, based on The Biochemist's recommendations.  Tuesday really was Super Tuesday in terms of music releases, wasn't it?

+  The US-Spain Davis Cup tie will be played in Austin!  Road trip!  Tickets go on sale April 4th.  As soon as prices and availability are released, I'll be number crunching the budget to see how much PBJ I'll be eating to go :)

+  Dear Big Name NY Pubbed Romance Author:  what the hell is "desert-style zero-scaping"?  Do you mean xeriscaping?  

+  RIP Elizabeth Taylor.  I didn't really *get* you as an actress, but I appreciated your Hollywood Grande Dame status and your AIDS charity work.  Your jewelry was pretty cool, too.

+  Galley Cat linked to this essay about being a book hoarder, which makes me stop and take stock.  Because I do have a hard time letting go of any book once it has made its way onto a shelf in my home or office.  Except maybe statutory supplements that are updated annually, it's easy to dump them in the office library's recycling bin.

+  It's ridiculous how appreciation for a particular actor will make you watch a television show that is otherwise not to your taste.  For instance, I try to watch Mr. Sunshine sometimes because I  ♥  Allison Janey.  

+  I've now given up Chick-Fil-A's sweet tea and waffle fries because of this. (Courtesy of @redrobinreader, after I mentioned that I liked the tea but not the non-stop christian pop.) They were my "errands done" reward.  CFA won't miss the little bit of revenue I put in their pockets nearly as much as I'll miss the sweet tea (why do so few places serve it and even fewer make it right?), I'm sure.

+  Daffodils are blooming everywhere.  Which means spring is here.  But is also awesome just because daffodils are such happy, cheerful flowers.
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...but not too personal.

Firstly: booked hotel and transpo to New York for later in the month.  Hadn't planned on going specifically, was contemplating dates generally, but The Biochemist will be in town then, so we can cling.

B:  Yesterday I removed from Google Reader what was for me, as a genre romance reader and occasional blogger, a foundational romance reading blog.  There's nothing wrong with the blog; like everything, it has changed as it has grown, and it just doesn't interest me any longer.  I hung out there for reviews, but now it does mostly videos and contests that I'm not interested in.  Am sure the blog owner neither knows nor cares.  Eh.

Nextly:  I slept 12 hours last night.  I never do that.  But apparently my body needed it.  The low grade headache I've had all week is finally gone.

Lastly:  I should be doing work, including disaster testing for remote login and work continuity for the office...but I don't wanna.  I also should head to the cleaner, the cobbler, and the post office before they close.  And yet my bum is still planted on the couch.
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~  Haven't synched Ignacio in awhile.  No good reason, just laziness.  Am transferring all recent iTunes purchases (hello, The Constellations, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and AI cast recording).  Then backing up.  Then upgrading to 4.1.  Am nervous, very nervous.  [ETA:  2 hours to download?  Even by broadband?  WTH]

~  It feels like summer again, which is pretty cool for a holiday.  One last hurrah before fall and winter arrive in earnest?

~  Peanut butter bars were a big hit for the birthday dinner on Saturday, and the leftovers went home with them or to my neighbor.  I can NOT have a pan of those in my kitchen, because I'll take just one little bite.  Then another.  And then another.  And eventually I'll be in pain and ill from the sugar rush.

~  How much sugar is in Panera's green tea?  I always order it, then remember why I shouldn't.  The first few sips are okay but the rest of the glass is too much.

~  Read and loved Meljean Brook's The Iron Duke.  Bought an ebook edition, and after I was through wished I had a paper book in my hands.  As much as I love ebooks, there are times when I prefer paper, especially when it comes to randomly picking up and reading.  The book rocked.  I stayed up insanely late/early to finish reading it -- until 4am Saturday morning.  My only real criticism of the book is the family background: Mina's mother did something horrendous and damaging when she was born, something that symbolizes rejection in the most fundamental way...yet we are never shown how/why that rejection changed to love and acceptance.  Was that edited out (its a fairly dense book for romance)?  
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+  The cat and my wallet have been traumatized.  I noticed last week that she was panting for no good reason, which was odd.  And then I noticed it again a couple more times.  Off to the vet we went this morning.  It was ugly.  Howling and panting all the way there in the car, even though it was a short ride.  Followed by hissing, spitting, biting, and scratching.  Eventually the vet's assistant had to corner her and scoop her up into a plastic tub fitted with a little spigot-like tube, which they use to give nervous pets gas.  Once that was done, they took X-rays and bloodwork.  Given her age (12!), she may have a thyroid problem.  We'll know tomorrow when the bloodwork comes back.   Then she and my wallet will be traumatized all over again :(

+  The vet's office had a huge display of books and comics of L.Ron Hubbard.  Some appeared to be fictional and others to be motivational or inspirational.  I'm not sure what that says about the vet, or if I even want to know.  The display did seem a bit out of place next to the shelves of pet toys and bags of dog food.

+  Why must Rafa, Verdasco, Lopez, and Ferrer all be in the same quarter at the US Open?  Almagro, Granollers, Garcia-Lopez, and Robredo are in Murray's quarter.  Djokovic has no Spaniards in his quarter, while Federer has Juan Carlos Ferrero and Montanes.  It's as if the Open is out to decimate the Spanish Armada, although that may just be the downside of having so many players in the top 50.  Also, why doesn't the app include the qualifying information?  Qualies were going on this past week, but the app isn't active until Monday.  :(

+  Other than Mockingjay, which I'm still thinking about and re-reading, I haven't read anything new this week.  

+  There is an interview with K.A. Mitchell over at Jessewave's.  Hey, that reminds me that I need to check and see when No Souvenirs will be out in print, because I want a print copy to go on my bookshelf.  ETA:  January, 2011.

+  The MARC train has a page now that tracks its on time performance for each train on a daily basis.  I'm very curious about how they define "on time", since one of the trains they list with that status was actually about 10 minutes late by my watch.
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Today was my last visit to the orthodontist.  Teeth are in good alignment, no need to go back unless I lose my retainer, which (as usual) I'll have to wear perpetually.

After running errands today, I stopped at Chick-Fil-A -- it's my usual reward, sweet tea and waffle fries, after getting all my errands run.  The restaurant was PACKED.  Were they giving away food, I wondered?  Essentially.  Bring your receipt in next week and make a purchase and get the same meal on your old receipt for free.

Organized two packages to take to the post office.  Photos, gifts, etc., to The Biochemist and The Chemist.  A couple books for [ profile] jperceval .  I missed my local post office's hours, so they'll be mailed tomorrow, along with my bar dues and payment for the beach house next month. \o/

The Boy Uncle stopped by on Sunday on the way to pick up Young Aunt at the airport.  He wanted to talk to me about the house and make sure I didn't feel forced to be interested.  No.  And I have a checklist and benchmarks, so I won't made a bad decision based on sentiment.  But my timetable has been accelerated because Flaky Aunt has made noises about squatting there as she breaks up with yet another guy who won't support her in the manner in which she believes she's entitled.  Flaky Aunt is the equivalent of Blanche Dubois in many, many ways.

Tennis ogling last week )
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You know what's worse that telling a joke that people don't think is funny?  A joke that no one realizes is, you know, a joke.

Okay, on the right left is the real BP logo. (ETA: sorry, I have a right/left problem.)  Please note the yellow, white and shades of green.

Now, look at the one on the right. 

NOT the official BP logo.  But surprisingly, people don't notice the oil dripping from the logo...until I point it out to them, after they've commented on either my employer (no, not BP, despite speculation); my desire to have things thrown at me by total strangers (well, I'd rather not); or my bravery at being willing to champion such a shoddy corporation (uh, no, take a closer look).  Random strangers don't get it but feel the urge to talk to me about BP.  People I work with (very smart people!) ask me if I am trying to be provocative.  Well, yes, but not they way they mean.  Then they sort of laugh when I point out the oil.  D'oh!
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DC Restaurant Week has been announced.  I love it -- fixed price menus at restaurants that normally would be "occasion" destinations.  Lunch at Acadiana and Rasika (repeats), dinner at Adour and Vidalia (never been).  My wallet will be empty but my stomach and taste buds full.  

Went to ArtScape on Saturday.  It was beastly hot, but I manned a booth in the Target Arts Park, making kites and hats with kids using mostly repurposed materials.  Wore my favorite new tee, which earned me mostly strange looks and comments about being brave to champion BP.  Uh, no, check the oil dripping from the emblem.  Clearly, I should've gone for the tee with the caption "We're bringing oil to American shores."  

A sexual linguistics study indicates that British accents are no longer considered that sexy.  Courtesy of Lynneguist.

An excerpt of K.A. Mitchell's next book from Samhain, Life, Over Easy, is up.  Being a Mitchell fan girl, I squee'd when I saw it and have created a reminder for myself so I can buy/download it on August 3rd.

Otherwise on the reading front, I'm stuck in a rut.  Read the Ilona Andrews story in the Dark and Stormy Knights UF anthology, otherwise, nothing new.  Have been re-reading Bujold's The Curse of Chalion, which I <3.  Am looking forward, though, in addition to the new K.A. Mitchell book, to the arrival of my copy of Tim Shorrock's Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing, which was written way ahead of WaPo's new investigative expose.  

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In Anne of the Island, Anne Shirley bemoaned the perversity of inanimate objects when her umbrella turned inside out during a storm.

Today I bemoan the idiocy of me for getting caught in the rain while walking home. Utterly soaked, down to the skin. And three umbrellas left in my desk drawer at the office. Keeping the office rain-free.


Jun. 23rd, 2010 06:54 pm
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Still feeling under the weather. Cortisone cream prescription helping with allergic reaction, but throat is bad again.

Dragged myself to work today but will stay home tomorrow if feel this bad in the morning.

Was entertained: people changed channel from Bloomberg & CNBC to watch the World Cup match today. Could hear cheers and groans coming from down the hall :)

Not reading, spending all spare time sleeping.

New favorite cough drop: Ricola.

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I have no idea what I got into yesterday, but I've had an allergic reaction to something I touched.  Blotchy and broken out on face, neck and upper chest.  Am slathered in calamine and taking benadryl.  Feel slightly feverish, but that just may be the summer heat.  If the rash isn't gone tomorrow morning, I'll be making a doctor's appointment.  :(

On the book front, finished Mary Balogh's Dark Angel.  Enjoyed it, but found the revenge plot to be a little illogical.  

The post cards I mailed from Ireland (last Saturday) have begun to arrive :)  

Am wibbling about buying a copy of Sean Kennedy's I Fell in Love With A Zombie.  Loved his Tigers & Devils but am not sure about a zombie hero for romance.

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Last night I tried a new hair salon.  Went with a friend from work and got highlights and cut.  [Which I've been told looks really good.  I agree, but it would be vain of me to say so without corroboration, yes?  Although it's not like I had anything to do with it, other than paying for it.  It's all due to Jen, the awesome hair guru.  I just nodded and said, "Do whatever you want. I need something new."  Of course, hair always looks good leaving the salon; the question is, how will it look when I try to style it that way?  Normally I'm a wash and wear woman.]  Anyway, afterward, MK and I went to dinner at a little Indian place nearby, then I caught the very late train home.  (Boy, there were some morose Caps fans on that train.)  Instead of walking or waiting for the bus, I decided to take a cab.  There was a cab shortage for some reason.  Maybe an event in town?  Or just that it was midnight on Friday night, and all the cabbies were trolling Fells Point, Canton and Federal Hill for drunken fares?  I ended up sharing a cab with two other people, strangers, we all just happened to be going in the same general direction.   

First stop was fine.  Second stop, the guy had no cash and told the driver that; the driver ignored his credit card for several minutes as he held it out, maybe thinking if he pretended it didn't exist the guy would magically find cash?  I don't know.  Anyway, I pulled out more cash (I'd already gotten out the amount I expected my fare to be) paid his fare.  It was not entirely altruistic of me:  a little bit was a sort of pay it forward thing because of generous shared cab rides in the past, and part of it was selfish because I was tired and wanted to get home.

Sadly, when I pulled the extra cash out of my pocket, my iPhone (iPhigenia) fell out as well.  Even more sadly, I did not realize this until I was getting organized and ready for bed last night and couldn't find her.  Have texted; have called; called the cab company with the cab number.  No one has turned her in.  I've frozen my wireless account, so no one can use her.  And had the usual security lock with PIN that kicked in after 2 minutes inactive.  Wish I had iFind and could either find her or wipe her remotely.

This morning, I turned on my Kindle (being Kindle app-less) and discovered that I have somehow damaged CK (for the Cherry-flavored Kindle Koolade), probably by something heavy while she was being toted around in my backpack.  The ink on the screen is all wonky, like it has bled, and there is a distinct line down the middle.

Given my budget, which is now totally blown for the rest of this month and May, I'll be replacing iPhigenia, but CK will have to remain on the DL/IR for now.  

On the bright(ish) side:  I backed up on Monday, so at least my music, contacts, notes, etc., won't be lost.  Although I did have a couple of voice mail messages I hadn't listened to yet.  Ouch.

I'm going to upgrade to the 3GS so I'll be able to multitask when that release drops.  The question is:  what should I name the new phone?  Need an "I" name or word.  Icarus?  Nope, family dog with that name.  Iggie, no makes me think of Iggie Pop, not a pleasant image.  Must ponder this.
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First, check it out before it disappears! I'm tied for 7th in the DABWAHA tournament.

Screen shot behind the cut. )

Next, check out the Bracket of Evil. Who to vote for next?

Thirdly, reading and watching Generation Kill is doing terrible things to my blood pressure and my opinion of the American military as an institution.

And lastly, I'm in a horrendous reading slump. A Conspiracy of Kings? Meh, set aside after a chapter. The Redbreast? Same. Scoundrel's Kiss? Made it to three chapters, but also set aside. I'm not sure what to try next.


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