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"You have an unusual look: androgynous, yet manly[.]"

This makes no sense, since by definition one who is androgynous is either hermaphroditic, ambiguously sexed, or not clearly identified as masculine or feminine.

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The next Cambridge Fellows mystery, Lessons in Power will be released next month.

And Samhain has edited and reissued the first three books of the series.

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Went to the office today. Usually drive in on weekends, since traffic is better and parking in the building is free, but I wanted to test out my emergency back up plan for occasions when trains aren't running. Would I know where to go in practice, not just theory?

So I worked for 7 hours, had dinner, then began the trek: red line to Fort Totten; green line to Greenbelt; B30 bus to BWI; light rail downtown; and the regular walk home (1.5 miles, unless I want to wait for the bus).

Began at 7:45, is now 9:45. Still have one more stop and the walk home. Time consuming but not terrible. Would not want this as my regular route but it's okay as a back up.

Worst part was the B30: 60+ people crammed on a bus meant for 35. Tourists rather than regular commuters: none had the exact fare, didn't realize the fare machine doesn't give change, didn't want their luggage on the rack because it was "too far away", etc.

Being wedged into close proximity with all those people has made feel quite twitchy. When I get home, I'm pouring a huge glass of wine.

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Jul. 6th, 2009 06:52 pm
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I registered for RWA today. Waited almost till the the last minute, wibbling about whether it was the right conference to attend as a reader rather than writer or aspiring author.

Need to look at the schedule and figure out my plans.

Any RWA attendees want to meet up?

ETA: iPhone, please to stop "fixing" my typos. I really meant RWA, not TEA.

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Dear Andy Roddick,

I've never been a huge fan of your game: mostly because of its dependence on your HUGE first serve and lack of variety. Plus you remind me of Stiffler in the American Pie movies. But I have been impressed by your effort this season, when you seem to have decided to go all in.

And now the final at Wimbledon against Federer, who has more or less wiped the court with you in earlier W finals.

Congratulations on not folding when he had you at break point 5-5, and for going on to break him to win 7-5.

I hope you can win two more sets, and your first Wimbledon. Even if you can't, you'll have changed at least one casual tennis fan's opinion.

ETA: What a match! Tied in the 5th set, 12 games all! Andy's serve hasn't been broken yet through the match, with Federer's sets coming via tie break.

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I fail at social networking via Facebook. Must log in (haven't in almost a month) and update it. But who are some of the people who have friended me? Some names are familiar but others just...aren't.

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Jun. 28th, 2009 11:19 am
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My new favorite word, courtesy of's word of the day: quidnunc. Meaning one who wants to know everything, or who pretends to, or busybody or gossip. Sounds like it could be neutral or pejorative. I just like the sound of it, especially the second syllable and the sound of the last two consonants. Qwid-nunk. Now I need to work it into a sentence.

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New toy

Jun. 21st, 2009 11:09 pm
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Today I bought an iphone at long last. First apps? Kindle and eReader.

Need a name for it. Suggestions?

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