Jul. 12th, 2011

jmc_bks: (armada4 - 08 Davis Cup)

+  The Doc/Nate ficlet I've been trying to write is not cooperating.  Same with the Ray/Nate bit.  I think reading real!Nate's memoir has screwed with my ability to write him as a fictional character; I don't have that problem with any of the other characters, primarily because their canon exists (for me) only in the fictionalized tv series setting.  Maybe I should stick with Brad/Ray, my OTP.

+  Strunk & White fan fic?  If it didn't exist before, it ought to now.

+ A couple of years ago, I pimped the ATP to The Biochemist hard, with the example of the shiny pretty of the Spanish Armada as a selling point.  And this past weekend she drove to Austin to catch the Ferrer/Fish match.  Since she's the one who usually pimps music to me and got me sucked into fandom, I have to feel like my mission has been accomplished :)

+  What's new out today (other than GRRM's new book that I'm utterly disinterested in) that I ought to read?


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