Jan. 31st, 2011

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I haven't read any books in the last week, have been too brain dead to start anything new and see it through to the end.  Have picked up a couple of old favorites and read random passages, but otherwise, not much.  I have downloaded a few Kindle samples, so for SBD, I'll share my opinion about them:

Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela Choi.  I think limecello recommended this on Twitter.  Or maybe someone else?  The sample intrigued me, mostly because I appreciated the POV of the narrator, who is jaded and sarcastic and kind of crazy.  Also, the Kindle price is pretty good, especially in comparison to paper prices.

Skin Heat by Ava Gray.   This is a pen name of Ann Aguirre, whose Corinne Solomon series I enjoy; the first book of the series had h/h who did not appeal, so I skipped it, but this one seems sort of interesting.  I've read the first few screens, and the hero seems to be sort of disoriented and struggling with some sort of newly acquired abilities, kind of like the Million Dollar Man or Bionic Woman.  Am leaning toward buying a copy.

The Long Struggle: The Muslim World's Western Problem by Amil Khan.  Khan wrote a thoughtful piece on Egypt over at CNAS's blog, and mentioned this book.  It seems sort of timely, so if I his prose is as readable in the book as it is in the blog article, I'll probably download a copy of this.

Artichoke Heart by Suzanne Supplee.  YA fiction, reviewed positively by a YA reader/reviewer.  Downloaded the sample this evening, so I'm not sure how I'll jump on this one.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand  by Helen Simonson.  This was well-reviewed at Dear Author and a few other places.  Eh, the opening sample didn't really work for me: the hero, even taking into consideration the shock he's had at the beginning of the book, is crotchety and not very engaging to me.  


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