Jan. 8th, 2011

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...but not too personal.

Firstly: booked hotel and transpo to New York for later in the month.  Hadn't planned on going specifically, was contemplating dates generally, but The Biochemist will be in town then, so we can cling.

B:  Yesterday I removed from Google Reader what was for me, as a genre romance reader and occasional blogger, a foundational romance reading blog.  There's nothing wrong with the blog; like everything, it has changed as it has grown, and it just doesn't interest me any longer.  I hung out there for reviews, but now it does mostly videos and contests that I'm not interested in.  Am sure the blog owner neither knows nor cares.  Eh.

Nextly:  I slept 12 hours last night.  I never do that.  But apparently my body needed it.  The low grade headache I've had all week is finally gone.

Lastly:  I should be doing work, including disaster testing for remote login and work continuity for the office...but I don't wanna.  I also should head to the cleaner, the cobbler, and the post office before they close.  And yet my bum is still planted on the couch.


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