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+ The Biochemist sent me info about their trip to town for Thanksgiving week. Yay! We don't usually do really exciting stuff, mostly watch football, go to the movies, eat out, hang out. Which leads to two more happy things...

+ Petit Louis has returned cassoulet to the menu. Mmmm. Does anyone really *need* sausage, duck, butter, and beans all in one dish? No, but it isn't about need, it's about want and the occasional indulgence.

+ Montgomery Alehouse & Cinema has opened. Planning a test run before TB & TC visit.

+ At my local Target, the Sony Reader and Esus minicomputer were set up on adjacent endcaps. The reader was pretty, but with such similar price points, I would go for the multifunctional device.

+ There's an article on transgender children over at The Atlantic that is worth checking out, if you're interested.

+ The book that KristieJ adores, Broken Wing? Bought a copy after reading her review, finished it last night. Very good book, an epic historical that seems a bit like a throw back to older historical romances. My admiration was not quite as unreserved as Kristie's, though, because there was a lot of telling rather than showing. Also, I thought Sarah was a bit of a Mary Sue, which normally would bother me, but I was fascinated by Gabriel and didn't mind how unbalanced the story was in that respect.
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