Sep. 6th, 2011

jmc_bks: (Nadasco - 08 Spain Davis Cup)
+  My summary of my US Open 2011 adventures is posted over at WordPress.

+  For better or worse, I've got a draft of my Fall Festival fic.  It's just over 2,000 words, much shorter than I expected.  Struggled with the prompts and the POV character.  But at least I'll have something to send.  And I'll include an apology in the intro to the recipient, because she really deserves better.

+  Jo Nesbo's newly released (in the US) book, Headhunters, arrived today \o/

+  I read an ARC for a book due out in December and I loved the book.  I want to squee about it so much but am restraining myself.  I do plan on writing a review this week, although I won't post it until closer to the release date.  But this way it's written and won't be forgotten as I read other books.

+/-  The biopsy on the mole removed by the doctor came back negative for cancer.  The cream she prescribed for my skin, which she warned would make things worse before it made things better, is making my skin really, really worse.  Blotchy, itchy, oily, uncomfortable.


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