Mar. 22nd, 2011

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Using a Groupon gift card ($10 for $20) and my B&N discount, I bought a copy of Brockmann's Breaking the Rules at lunch time today.  I ended up getting change back rather than paying any more, so counting the cost of the Groupon, the book was $9.84.  Not bad for a hardback, and less expensive than the $12.99 sticker price for the ebook.

I may reread the book and write a full review.  Or not.  I don't know.

There's nothing wrong with the writing and Brockmann knows how to keep readers turning the pages.  (Caveat: Brockmann uses the phrase, work it, hard, which I hate.  It just irritates me.)

But once I was finished?  Eh.  The utter disregard for state and federal law, Constitutional law, criminal procedure, all of it was kind of ridiculous.  And the lack of consequences for everyone who engaged in criminal behavior in pursuit of their own version of justice seemed inconsistent with the attempted realism (via some pretty ugly subplots) in other areas; everything was all wrapped up in a pretty bow at the end without any serious professional or personal ramifications for anyone.  I didn't really believe in either couple's HEA; figure one or both will be divorced before five years are up.  Frankly, at least one person in each of the couples is damaged to the point that I wouldn't wish them on anyone before significant therapy.  And the age difference in one couple (19 and 30) seriously skeeved me.


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