Jan. 15th, 2011

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GK + Bujold's Vorkosiverse, yes/no?

I'm thinking that Babbling, Mad Miles could possibly be out-talked by one Joshua Ray Person.  And Brad would fit right in on military mad Barrayar.  LT as Gregor, the somewhat unwilling emperor, Gunny Wynn as Illyan or maybe Armsman Pym?  Rudy and his philosophical nature would mesh well with the Countess, too.  

At first, I thought Ivan the Idiot = Encino Man equivalent, but that's only a surface thing.  Ivan's idiocy is carefully cultivated in order to keep himself from being a political target, while Encino Man is just incompetent.

And the rest of the cast and crew as various members of  either the Council of Counts or the Dendarii Mercenary Fleet.

Now I just need someone in fandom to write it for me :)
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Poking around at an ebook publisher website for something to read -- as if I don't have hundreds of paper books and dozens of ebooks TBR -- I ran across what seemed like an intriguing set up, based on the two sentence blurb.  So I clicked to read the larger description.  In the very first paragraph, was this gem:

It wasn't supposed to work out this way. He and his wife were best friends and his sexuality shouldn't matter. They should still be able to live under the same roof and raise their son together, right? What would be the harm if they both took secret lovers?

Okay.  Married man reveals to his wife that he's gay, and is then shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that she bails on him, and doesn't want to sign up for his vision of the perfect life?  Married to a man who prefers to fuck people other than her, who has essentially been lying to himself and to her about who he was?  Secret lovers on the side to what end if you're going to stay married, or is theirs going to become an open marriage, which is probably not what she expected when she said "I do"?  Where's the benefit for her?  Sounds to me like he gets to have all the social benefits of a straight guy, plus the lifestyle of a gay man, while she get....what?  How monumentally fucking selfish.  

Frankly, if the blurb accurately represents the narrator, then the author has dug herself a really deep hole to get out of, because he seems like a total asshat.

On to look for other books.


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