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I am far from being the most technologically savvy person. I use a dedicated ebook reader because I can't be arsed to figure out and install a dozen different reading programs; I have a cellphone for emergency purposes that I leave turned off 95% of the time; I don't play video games of any sort, not even WoW or the like. But the gorgeous commercials I've seen for the iPhone? Have me totally convinced that it's a gadget that I'd use and love. After the initial flurry has died down (and Jane has posted about hers over at Dear Author) I'll probably get one of my own.

PS Apple's on the cover of this week's Economist as a leading innovator. Cool.

PPS Just caught a commercial for Holly Hunter's new cable series Saving Grace. I think HH is an amazing actress, so I'll be checking the show out. But even if I wasn't interested because of the casting, I'd check the show out: DCX music plays in the background of the commercial, which is a little subversive given how hated they are by former fans.
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