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After reading yet another brouhaha over at SBTB -- which arose out of a publishing/conference happening -- I can only roll my eyes. Authors and editors and readers (since I don't know who's who) all behaving badly. Don't put in writing anything personal that you don't want to see broadcast across the web. Especially not if you are going to share it with 200 of your closest friends in a professional listserve. Yes, you can put that you don't want something forwarded or shared in your signature line, but that can't physically prevent the "FWD" button from being clicked. Okay, you can get an injunction and maybe money damages if Bad Things happen as a result. But too late, your personal information is out there already.

Beyond that, I was not impressed with Ms. Northman's writing/editing ability in her email at SBTB or the letter she forwarded to the Ja(y)nes.

I've been getting a good bit of spam in my comments lately. Easy enough to delete, but I'm wondering how/why. I didn't think my LJ account was searchable. ::shrugs:: Not a big deal.

The filters at work have been upgraded. I'm still trying to figure it out. DailyKos and Savage Love are both banned. I can see one, but why the other?

On the book front, I read two very very old Emma Darcy Harlequins. One of them, Mistress of Pillatoro, had a very gothic feel. The other, Something Shadows, was Darcy's debut, I think. More coming on them.

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