Jul. 3rd, 2011

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1.  Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews.  Urban fantasy.  Mentioned here.

2.  Hexed anthology.  Read only the Ilona Andrews story, which was about Dali and Jim, set in the kate Daniels world.  Enjoyed it.  Have questions about Dali's background.  She's a white tiger, very rare and very magical, and her mother says it happens only once every seven generations.  Which, okay, but are there shifters in the intervening generations?  Also, if Dali is genetically a shifter, are there not other shifters in her family?  How does her mother not know who the cat alpha is then?  I feel like I missed something, but still liked the story.

3.  Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn.  European fantasy historical.  Meh.

4.  When Tony Met Adam by Suzanne Brockmann.  Short story.  Disappointing.  Tell tell tell.

5.  The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.  YA.  In some ways, this is a pretty traditional YA set up:  narrator is a student at a prestigious boarding school, feeling rebellious about parental expectations and her place in the social hierarchy of the school.  Frankie is an unreliable narrator -- is she a brilliant mastermind, moving people around campus like pawns on a chessboard because she's just that good and because she's making a statement about gender roles?  Or is she buying into those gender roles and doing it all because she's mad at her boyfriend?  Loved it.

6.  Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell.  M/m romance.  Enjoyed it, mentioned briefly here.  Planning to re-read and write a longer review.

7.  One Was a Soldier by Julia Spencer-Ferguson.  Mystery.  Meh.  I think I'm finished with this series.

8.  Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon.  Mentioned here.

1.  AJ's Angel by LA Witt.  Tattoo artist hero was interesting, didn't get the irresistible attraction for the other hero.
2.  Two Man Advantage by Riley Shane.  Bored, bored, bored.
3.  Wanna Do Bad Things With You by Shelley Munro.  This was a huge disappointment because 1) the price was ridiculous and 2) waste of good set up.


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